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Thermal comfort and healthy homes

People value living in comfortable and healthy homes – but most don’t enjoy wasting money by over-heating or over-cooling their living areas to compensate for intolerable temperature differences. Even after installing properly sized HVAC equipment, many are losing the benefit of good utilization of living spaces where temperature stratification cause some areas to be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter or too damp. 

Quite often, the HVAC equipment may be working properly, but the distribution system or building envelope may not be.   

 In addition, indoor air quality may be worsened if air from uncontrolled areas is infiltrating to the inside of the home or building and lead to illnesses such asthma and allergies.


Take a step towards real change...our diagnostics...our plan...our solutions for your home!

How your building works

The movement of MOISTURE, HEAT-ENERGY and AIR continuously interact in every building. Heat, air, and moisture all naturally flow from an area of more to an area of less. Moisture moves from wet to dry. Heat moves from hot to cold. Air moves from high pressure to low pressure.

When these 3 constituents are in control, they keep your home environment healthy, durable and comfortable.  And as often is the case…ENERGY SAVINGS will follow!

Your HVAC system is intended to condition the environment inside your home, usually inside the building envelope. When looking to boost building performance, we focus on control of the building envelope and the equipment which heats and cools. 

The goal is to give you control

Building science is seeing your home work as a system of interacting components.

You can’t remedy what you can’t measure.  Understanding the direction of flow is one of the keys to analyzing what is happening in your building or home and to provide you with PLAN to make your home more comfortable and healthy.

When our customers tell us that they have learnt a lot about their home...it means that they have taken the first step in gaining control of their living environment.

Take a step toward real change... 

Our inspection and testing is the first step to put your building back in control! 

Who we are

OLResearch is a building problem-solving company located in the Greater Toronto Area. Our certified inspectors and engineers are proficient in pin-pointing the cause of building performance deficiencies.  We serve detached and low rise residential dwellings and light commercial buildings. 

Connect with us

Our business comes from making people feel safe, comfortable and healthy. If you wish to follow our recommendations and make changes...we will put you in contact with our network of trusted professionals...read on...

Thermal comfort

The motivation to achieve comfort is powerful as most people feel and perform best when comfortable. Both building factors as well as personal factors need to be considered in achieving thermal comfort…read more…

Energy audits

Energy ranks high on the list of ongoing expenses to heat, cool a home or building. Major losses can occur through inefficient heating equipment and appliances. The building envelope, which is that “cozy blanket” that keeps you comfortable and dry can be another reason why significant dollars needlessly add up over many years...read more…

Moisture intrusion

Water and moisture can literally “kill” a building or a home. Moisture-induced damage is one leading cause of degradation of major building components through rot and corrosion. Uncontrolled moisture can also cause health ailments to the building's occupants…read more…

Mould problems

Mould is a fungus and grows where it is damp and has a supply of organic matter as a food source. Some moulds can release poisonous toxins and can affect building occupants which are sensitive to specific moulds…read more…

Indoor air quality

Most people think air pollution applies only to outdoor air. In fact, the air inside your dwelling or work space could be 2-5 times more polluted than the air you are breathing outside. We spend a great deal of time indoors, so even low levels of indoor contaminants such as TVOC’s, RADON, particulate etc. can negatively affect our health…read more…

Managing Your Future Energy Bills

Common Gaseous, Particulate and Biological Pollutants 




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